Is Sufism (tasawwuf) very difficult?

11 03 2010

When we adopt the line of Sufism, the first impression is that this is very tough way to implement on oneself but it’s not so actually it is the simplest way to adopt. This fact is explained by Professor Ahmed Rafique Akhter in his book “ Piss e Hijab”.


When Allah is the only priority?

10 03 2010

The ultimate goal of the every muslim is to find Allah and when any one find Allah and the Allah Almighty enter in the heart, it is beautifully explained by Ahmed Rafiq Akhter in his book “ Piss e Hijab”.

The way to Islam (Sufism / Tasawwyuf)

10 03 2010

When you are on the way to Allah Almighty, the only way is to follow His Messenger (PBUH) and on this way you have to face three steps. These steps are beautifully explained by Ahmed Rafiq Akhter in his book “ Piss e Hijab”.

How to understand Quran.

28 02 2010

Mumtaz Mufti has beautifully explained in his book Talaash that how to understand Quran.

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13 02 2010

 strongly believe that every Muslim must recite translation of Quran. We strongly believe that Quran is the book / message (letter from God) of Allah, so if we think that Allah Almighty is our beloved than we must read the letter of our beloved with great consideration & affection. Now the below mentioned write up is form the book “ Talaash” written by Mumtaz Mufti who is showing his experience regarding reciting the Quran.

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How to find God

12 02 2010

Beautiful and remarkable meeting between Mumtaz Mufti & Professor Ahmed Rafiq Akhtar, the questions between them are very thought provoking but especially the end result of this meeting is very impressive and shows that there are many ways to find the only reality Allah Almighty. This write up is from the famous book  “Talaash” of famous Urdu writer Mumtaz Mufti.

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Why the friend of Allah Almighty have no fear or sorrow?

10 02 2010

Allah Almighty said in Quran Kareem that His friends (Oley e Allha) have no fear or sorrow. It is very thought provoking statement and I often think about it. This point is beautifully explained by Wasif Ali Wasif in his famous Urdu book “Dil, Darya, Samandar”.

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